Founded on delivering quality and reliable service, ASIA TRAVEL GROUP transformed into a market focused agency dedicated to catering various different consumer segments. We offer comprehensive online travel service for the general consumers and offer customized and concierge services to those who prefer a more custom touch. Our offer specialized medical and education tour services

Our online web portal provides one-stop travel services and it is supported by a comprehensive Mobile App. You can download the APP from We can be reached any-time from anywhere in the world.

We believe in innovation and will continuously find way to better enhance our products and services to service our clients. Talk to us if you need customized attention or have exciting products or services for us.

We offer B2B IT travel service to help our partners go online. Write to us at

Lastly, we are a member of NATAs in Singapore and we sit on the IT committee of NATAs to promote and our IT innovation to NATAs members.