Embark on an academic journey beyond the classroom! From local excursions to overseas adventures, let Asia Travel Group connect you to various locales that complement your school’s curriculum and enhance your student’s learning experience. 
We also help you enroll into various schools in Singapore to help you find the school that suit your needs, ranges from private to international schooiling. 

For a truly unique education travel, Asia Travel Group offers education journeys designed to motivate the young minds and broaden their horizon with cross-cultural visits. These cross-countries visit facilitates understanding, strengthen international bonding and contribute to the world peace. We also have a series of unique cultural program, special-interest learning, adventure and Eco-series of program catering to educate young and widen their knowledge to be a knowledgeable world citizen. 

Let Asia Travel Group provides you with the uniquely Education travel experience. Email us education@asiatravelgroup.com.